Anthony did an outstanding job for us. We were looking for a condo in Boston, not quite knowing exactly what we wanted. Anthony listened to us, found properties, helped us to sort things out in our heads, provided key advice on offers leading to us closing on an awesome property just last week. The total process from meeting Anthony to closing on the new property was 3 months! He is by far the best Realtor we have dealt with. I highly recommend him.

Harold & Jana Giguere


In the spring of 2011, Anthony served as my real estate agent in purchasing a condominium in greater Boston. After hearing my specific set of requirements, Anthony quickly sorted through listings and suggested properties that matched my needs as far as location, features, and pricing. Anthony’s knowledge of the Boston area was evident from the myriad of facts he could communicate about each of the neighborhoods we visited to see properties. He patiently accompanied me to each location, pointing out pros and cons, and assisted me in sorting through the many options presented to me. Anthony’s advice and insight were invaluable in making a determination of which property would best suit my needs, both present and future.

After successfully locating a property that matched all of my needs, the breadth of Anthony’s experience and expertise became further apparent in the way he carried a cool, calm demeanor throughout the entire process of purchasing real estate, from finalizing an offer to closing. Despite the many questions posed to him, I always walked away from  conversations with Anthony feeling confident that I had gotten answers, that I understood the process, and that I knew precisely what the next steps would be. I would recommend Anthony to anyone looking to buy or sell real estate in the Boston area. His expertise and professionalism make him the ideal individual to hire.

Brett Baker


Anthony has been my real estate agent since 2008. In the time we’ve worked together, Anthony has continually gone above in beyond in his service to me. He is completely reliable, an expert in the Boston-area real estate market and patient through the entire process. I’d recommend Anthony to anyone who is looking at buying a condo, house or property in Boston or outside the city (and I already have to my own network).

Andrew deGaravilla


Anthony is a highly dedicated professional and a great realtor to work with.  I would certainly recommend him to anyone looking for a realtor who will make purchasing or selling real estate a pleasant experience.

Gregory Richard


Anthony is a well organized realtor that is dedicated to his clients goals.  There is no doubt that if you are in the market to buy or sell, he is the realtor to work with.

Rich Mathews, Repairs Leader, GE Aviation


Anthony is a very hard working aggressive real estate agent in the Boston area. I have sent Anthony clients in the past and will continue to do so. He is always working and I will continue to refer him some of my best customers.

John Pace Jr. Mortgage Consultant, MetLife


Dear Anthony:

I want to thank you for your perseverance during the search and subsequent purchase of my two-family home.  From the start, you were very accommodating in responding in a timely manner to my phone calls and emails.  I also appreciate your flexibility in showing properties on short notice, especially the time you had dinner plans and postponed them for a second showing at the property I ultimately purchased.  I appreciate that you treated my modest purchase the same way you would a more expensive transaction.  Your extensive real estate knowledge and your personable nature make you a pleasure to work with.

I look forward to working with you in the future.

Daniel O’Sullivan


My husband and I were fortunate to have been associated with the real estate services of Anthony Bruno when we decided that purchasing an investment property in Boston made sense for us.  We reside on the South Shore of Boston, which we love, but had always been drawn to the idea of owning a rental property in Boston, as we had lived there before our move to a suburban town.  One summer afternoon as we were leaving Back Bay, we thought sincerely about the idea, and moments later saw the Gibson Sotheby’s location on Tremont St.  We telephoned the office and were referred to Anthony.

From that moment, we found we were in great care.  By asking the right questions, Anthony helped us narrow our idea of the location and price point and our search began.  The next day, we received our first daily update of appropriate properties.  We continue to receive them and review them with scrutiny as we hope to add an additional property to out portfolio of investments at some point.

Through every step of the process, Anthony’s response was immediate and when questions needed to answered, Anthony was thorough and complete in getting a quick reply to us.  He was available to show us properties upon our request, often several so that it was worth our trip into town, but wisely, not so many that the process might become overwhelming!  Immediately after a day of looking, Anthony was ready to help us sort out the pros and cons of various condominiums by providing property assessments of like units in the area, what we might hope to attain in rental income, who we might call for assessments of work to be done to the unit and/or the building.

When we settled on a unit which seemed to meet our requirements, Anthony helped us make the closing process effortless in spite of any hurdles.  Once, the sale was complete, he furnished us with a list of fair and reputable service technicians we relied upon to make some upgrades to the condominium.  Lastly, he has continued to check in with us to ensure that the purchase we made has seemed like a good one for us.  That kind of sincerity comes from someone who truly likes what he does and has the best intentions for his customers.  For that reason, we have recommended him and will continue to do so to our friends who now think what we have done doesn’t have to be a “far-off” thought.  And hopefully we will have the opportunity to use his services again, as the choice he helped us arrive at seems to be serving us well.

Liz and David Gardner


Anthony Bruno did an excellent job representing my mom on the sale of her home. This was my mother’s home for over 40 years and she was moving into Senior Housing. It was a very emotional experience and Anthony was terrific with her and the family. Anthony was very detailed in explaining to us the local market conditions and the preparation he would do in advance of the sale. Most importantly, he was mindful of the needs of my 90-year mother and was sensitive to the timing of appointments and also communicated with all of us in every step of the process. Anthony also took the time and was very patient with explanation of procedures and forms. He made himself available to meet vendors who required access to the premises, thereby eliminating the need for myself or other family members to lose valuable work time. Anthony always kept in contact either by phone or E-mail with updates. Anthony Bruno is definitely an asset to your organization. I would recommend him to anyone interested in selling his or her home or property.

Patrick Mingolelli


Anthony Bruno helped me purchase my condominium at 12 Yarmouth St in September 2009.  This concluded a very thorough search of properties throughout the South End and Back Bay, and I would like to commend Anthony on staying with me for the long run.  I enjoyed working with Anthony because he was easy going and a pleasure to work with, and at the same time totally professional.  First he brought to my attention all properties on the market in my price range with the features I was looking for.  When I asked for a showing, he was prompt to contact other brokers and set up appointments at times that were convenient for me.  There were several properties that were of serious interest, and Anthony provided comparable sales in the neighborhood, getting this information to me within hours.  He helped me make offers on several properties, and provided useful advice on the prevailing market and helped move through the inspection, purchase and sale agreement and final closing.
I would recommend Anthony to my friends who may be looking for properties in the future.  When I get into the real estate market again, I will certainly give Anthony a call.

Rick Lusignea


My husband and I with our two daughters live in the suburbs of Sharon, MA.  My husband and I had never bought a pre-owned property before.  Even though we visit Downtown area, we were not sure where our investments would hold value, which town will be a good investment and not educated about the process.

The first visit, Anthony drove us around and explained the areas – South End, North End, Back Bay, and Beacon Hill and answered any queries we had regarding the pros and cons.  He had also done initial research based on our budget what kind of condos we can expect.  Before he short listed any properties, he and I were in touch with some of the things he thought we’d like or not.  Going into the showings, it helped a lot having that information already available.  Anthony explained the entire process starting with Engaging lawyer for paperwork, getting P&S signed, Inspections, and Mortgage Broker with getting a loan for investment property, providing CMA’s, coordinating with our lawyer and seller’s lawyers( they were out of state), getting the answers to all the queries we had at any stage.  He was there in every due diligence we needed to get through to make this deal.

After we had short listed the property, Anthony provided us with CMA’s on the other properties that were sold in the last two years.  He helped us through with the offer that will be reasonable based on the condition of the property and the CMA’s.  There was never a moment when I felt that he was pushing us into any decision.  He is a great listener and has such a client focus that even at this young age, he can distinguish himself aside.

Anthony does what it takes to get you into your comfort factor to make a decision.  Anthony listens and understands the needs of his clients and what will get them educated to make a decision.  He was always reaching out if we needed any information but never putting any pressure.  Anthony went above and beyond what I expected my real estate agent to do.  He worked w/the seller’s real estate agent (and they were very passive) if I needed to go over a few times to the condo.  The condo was being sold by the estate and there were delays from the lawyers of the estate.  Anthony coordinated the conversations between our layers and the estates and got us through to get the deal go through.

I’d highly recommend Anthony to anyone for any of the real estate needs.  Thank you Anthony.

Romee & Praveen

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